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CS Project:  Appraisal Decision Assistance [ADA] Project

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Overview - Appraisal Decision Assistance [ADA] Project

Phase 1 - ADA Project (Completed)

Phase 2 - ADA Project (Pending)

1.    ADA Phase 2 -Terms of Reference for Priority Areas that require Additional resources:

2.    Begin GAP Analysis of UNPOs Record Series [URS] and Generic Record Series [GRS]

3.    Begin - Appraisal Values Assigned to GRS with suggested Retention time periods

Relevant Background Papers from Previous Initiatives

4.     ADA Tool enhancement

5.     Link to UNPOs-initiatives-Appraisal-or-Retention-schedules

6. Link to ADA Pre-project Process and documentation ADA-prev


Information on Participating Organizations [PO]  [UN New York Secretariat, Funds and Programmes]

RELATED ADA Documents Registered in WGARM Document Repository [extract as of Jun 2003?]

CURRENT STATUS:  See above and Appraisal-decision-assist-wgarm-cur.htm


    See also:

Rules, Regulations, Policies, Procedures and Standards
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